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Meet QueensLander.
Small Group Tours of Italy. 6 to 16 Travelers.

Small Group Tours of Italy are our Specialty. QueensLander® Worldwide Tours features Heart of City hotels. No up-sell on tour. Free-style dinners with premium beverages. American Tour Directors. National Tour Guides. Arthur Frommer recommends our small group touring as "the perfect way to see Italy." And we recommend our many other worldwide small group tours as well. An authentic approach to Italy and other destinations really sets us apart from mainstream tour companies in that we create a unique cultural, culinary and sightseeing immersion. Every group itinerary is led by a professional QueensLander® Tour Captain from start to finish. An off-the-beaten-path rhythm coupled with great food and wine from the regions we're visiting, make our tours truly unique.
Even travel expert Arthur Frommer AGREES
(Frommer Show Audio).

The Original Small Group Tour to Italy.
And now to many exciting destinations around the world.

"Our itinerary was a near-perfect balance of scheduled and free time."

  FALL 2014, 2015

Deluxe & Budget Hotel Options: Venice, Florence, San Gimignano, Cortona, Assisi, Tuscany & Rome

Small Group: Italy's Cities Tour
Deluxe hotels, culinary delights, La Grassa in Bologna, Cinque Terre, Lake Como, Bellagio, Milan
 Rome, Italy Tour, Colosseum
Italy's Great Cities

Venice, Florence, Tuscany, Assisi, Rome
Milan, Cinque Terre, Lakes & Bologna
Italy's Enchanted North
Milan, Cinque Terre, Lakes & Bologna await.
Tuscany Tour - Siena, Montereggioni, Volterra
Under the Tuscan Sun

Siena, Montereggioni, Volterra and more.
Magical Sicily Tour
Magical Sicily Tour

Italy Tour Vacations
Enchanted Amalfi Coast
Italy's Hidden Treasuers

Bari, Matera, Alberobello
Lucca, Pisa, & more.
Spain & Portugal Tour
Best of Spain & Portugal

A 12 Day blend of civilizations and culture.

Spain Tour
Spain's Great Cities

Roman relics and palaces await you in Iberia.

Ireland & Scotland Tour
Ireland & Scotland Tour

A delightfully hand-crafted tour to Ireland and Scotland.
England, Scotland & Wales Tour
England, Scotland & Wales

13 Day England, Scotland & Wales Tour
London, Paris & Rome Tour
London & Paris Tour

3 Nights London, 3 Nights Paris
London, Paris & Rome Tour
London, Paris & Rome Tour

3 Nights London, 3 Nights Paris, 3 Nights Rome
London, Paris & Prague Tour
London, Paris & Prague Tour

3 Nights London, 3 Nights Paris, 3 Nights Prague
London, Paris & Amsterdam
London, Paris & Amsterdam

3 Nights London, 3 Nights Paris, 3 Nights Amsterdam
London & Paris Tour
London, Paris & Normandy

3 Nights London, 3 Nights Paris, 3 Nights Bayeux
Grand Ireland Tour
Grand Ireland Tour

10 Days in Ireland: Shannon, Kilarney, Kilkarney, Dublin, Belfast
London & Paris Tour
London & Paris Tour

3 Nights London, 3 Nights Paris
London, Paris & Rome Tour
London, Paris & Rome Tour

3 Nights London, 3 Nights Paris, 3 Nights Rome

London, Paris & Prague Tour
London, Paris & Prague Tour

3 Nights London, 3 Nights Paris, 3 Nights Prague
London, Paris & Amsterdam Tour
London, Paris & Amsterdam

3 Nights London, 3 Nights Paris, 3 Nights Amsterdam
France Tour
Treasures of France Tour

Paris to Provence, Avignon & the Côte d'Azur
Switzerland & Austria Tour
Switzerland & Austria Tour

Salzburg, Innsbruck, Lucerne, Zermatt, Montreux
Switzerland, Austria & Northern Italy Travel
Switzerland, Austria & N. Italy

Lake Como, Lucerne, Interlaken, Munich, Salzburg
London, Paris & Prague Travel
London, Paris & Prague Tour

3 Nights London, 3 Nights Paris, 3 Nights Prague
London, Paris & Amsterdam Vacation
London, Paris & Amsterdam

3 Nights London, 3 Nights Paris, 3 Nights Amsterdam
London, Paris & Rome Tour
London, Paris & Rome Tour

3 Nights London, 3 Nights Paris, 3 Nights Rome

London & Paris Tour
London & Paris Tour

3 Nights London, 3 Nights Paris
London & Paris Tour
London, Paris & Normandy

3 Nights London, 3 Nights Paris, 3 Nights Bayeux
London & Paris Tour
Germany & Czech Republic

Of Bergs, Castles & Rivers, Medival Jewels, Tragic Histories, Modern Renewal & Hope
Australia Tour
12 Day Australia Tour

Melbourne, Outback, Rock & Reef, Sydney
Australia & New Zealand Tour
19 Day Australia & New Zealand

Australia with North & South Islands of New Zealand
New Zealand Travel
9 Day New Zealand Tour

Auckland, Rotorua, Queenstown, Middle Earth
Hawaiian Island Tours
Hawaiian Island Tours

Two, three or four island itineraries in paradise await.

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Ciao! From Mark.

Discover Italy with Us.

Welcome. Take a moment to look around and consider joining us on a small group tour to Italy or any of our exciting destinations. True small group tours of 6 to 16 guests make for a special vacation experience in the company of a few new friends. Also, check out my Travel Classes schedule below and our live Webcasts on What You Need to Know Before You Go!

Good Travels!

~ Mark Story

Mark Story's
Travel Classes

Join Mark Story for his live webcasts on Travel Talks, Art of Travel sereis and more.

Travel Classes & Webcast Dates

Click here to See our webcast channel

Local Traditions, Regional Cuisine & Wine, and Insight to the Authentic Italy!

With QueensLander® Worldwide Tours your travel experience will focus on discovering local traditions, regional cuisine paired with the perfect wine and an insight into the authentic Italian way of life.

Italy Traveler Resources
Helpful information and websites when considering a small group tour or independent travel to Italy.

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The QueensLander Traveler
First-Time to Italy?

We get asked often what is the demographic of the 'average QueensLander traveler." The answer is anyone who can appreciate learning about new and different culture, food, music, language, religion and spirituality and perspective all in the context of authentic experience. Compare our Small Group Tours with mainstream and see why our small group tours are the right choice. Some call 24 travelers a "small group tour of Italy." Our small-group Italy tours feature no more than 16 travelers.

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Real Reviews.
Read Italy Tours Small Group Reviews on TripAdvisor

Read Italy Tour Guests Comments on our Small Group Italy Tours from 2014. See what people are saying on TripAdvisor®

28 replies

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Prepare For Your Trip
Find helpful information, eBooklets, and other resources on our Prepare for Your Trip page.

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Your Family Trip to Italy
Customize Your Small Group Italian Vacation or Italy Tour Today

Craft the Perfect Italy Trip for Family Heritage or Leisure
Is it the year for the family trip to the old homeland? Our Italy experts can craft perfection for 2 to 40+ guests. Friends, family or a combination thereof are perfect for our Italy, Italian and European Vacation Team.
~ "QueensLander went beyond the call of duty on our family trip to Sicily!" ~ Susan





Listen to Arthur.
ravel Expert Arthur Frommer speaks on QueensLander small group tours, "..would not hesitate at all to go with QueensLander Tours."

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Down to Business
QueensLander features discounted Business Class airfare to Europe. Inquire with reservations for savings details.

Why Small Group?
A "True" Small Group Tour Experience with the "Anti-tour" We don't want to travel in a large herd either, that's why we designed all of our travel experiences for intimate encounters along unique itineraries. 6 to 16 travelers with tour itineraries that have no hidden charges and all the admissions included. We don't up-sell while you're on tour and our hotels are literally seconds from the hearts of where you want to be. Oh yes, and the cuisine: our dining experiences are at real restaurants, not the hotels. Unique dining venues that inspire. Mainstream companies tell you small groups start at 20 to 24 guests.


Why QueensLander Worldwide Tours?

We believe our True Small Group Tours are among the finest available. QueensLander® offers many additional benefits which comparably-priced tours simply do not provide. Realize that QueensLander®'s True Small Group Tours offer the following exciting benefits:

1) Only 6 to 16 guests on all QueensLander® Tours (never more than 16 on a tour), which guarantees everyone on a QueensLander® Tour a True Small-Group® experience. Renowned travel expert Arthur Frommer recently endorsed QueensLander®'s small group tours as the "perfect way to see Italy."

Most other tour operators offer either a LARGE-size group tour of 40 - 45 travelers, or offer a MEDIUM-size group tour of 20 - 28 travelers. Studies have proven that travelers who wish the ideal travel experience will travel with a group of 16, rather than a larger group.

2) Our Heart of CIty Deluxe hotels are 5-star or 4-star properties located truly in the very heart of the city (where guests want to be in each city we visit) --- we do not select hotels which require our guests to spend their precious vacation time taking expensive taxis (or vaporetto in Venice!) into and back out of the heart of the cities we visit. Our classic budget hotels are 3-star on average and are located seconds away from our deluxe properties.

Most other tour operators provide hotels which are a 10-, 15-, or 20+ minute taxi ride outside the historical heart of each city. The enjoyment of your vacation is often directly proportional to how close your hotel is to this historical heart.

3) Dine Locally: Each dinner experience is at a local restaurant which has been personally selected and reflects the region's finest in both cuisine and wine.

Most other tour operators offer dinner in the hotel restaurants (that cuisine is rarely authentic, tasty cuisine), or at restaurants which cater to large tour groups from the US and Canada (no locals dine at those restaurants). In contrast, QueensLander Tours' guests will dine at some of the finest restaurants, where real locals dine, for each of our included (and optional) dinner experiences.

4) Our guests order whatever food, wine, soft drinks, or beverages they desire from the menu, including as much as they want --- with all food, wine, soft drinks, and customary gratuities included. Our dinner experiences are never a hotel dinner buffet.

With most other tour operators, any beverage (even water) is an additional charge (usually at least $5 US per person).

5) Our professional Tour Captains accompany you from arrival to departure, and all of them come from the U.S. & North America --- no European Tour Directors like most tour operators provide. QueensLander Tours selects only the cream-of-the-crop when it comes to our professional Tour Captains, and their permanent home is in either the U.S. or Canada. You will be so impressed with the exceptional, personal, caring service provided you throughout your tour by our experienced, professional Tour Captains.

6) All our Local Guides are among the finest available in each city, offering incredible insight and immersion into each venue we visit. The local tour guides are one of the most important keys in determining whether guests have a GREAT vacation on tour, or whether they have a MEDIOCRE vacation on tour.

Local guides used by other tour operators often have a very strong accent, and because of the strong foreign accent, travelers from the US and Canada often only understand about 50% of what they are saying on the tours in each city. QueensLander Tours has personally selected each local guide in each city we visit. Our local guides are the most knowledgeable and easy-to-understand.

7) Gratuities included throughout the tour --- QueensLander® Tours provides gratuities for your Local City Tour Guides, Tour Drivers, Restaurant and Hotel Staff. Customary gratuities for your Tour Captain are not included and should be extended on a voluntary, individual basis.

It can be very confusing to travelers to know which personnel (drivers, local guides, bellmen, waiters, etc.) they should tip while on a tour. With QueensLander Tours, it is an easy-to-understand experience. Every person who should receive a tip/gratuity from you is provided a tip by QueensLander Tours throughout the entire tour except for the Tour Director, called a Tour Captain. The suggested tip for your Tour Captain is just $8 - $15/day/guest.

8) Any payments received by QueensLander® Tours are fully refundable up to 90 days prior to departure --- yes, you can cancel for any reason up to 90 days prior to departure. Most other tour companies begin to assess cancellation fees after only 72 hours from your time of deposit!

We offer a true quality, small group tour experience. The reviews of our previous guests consistently reflect that our tours live up to the high expectations of our esteemed guests.

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